Meet The Robust Technology That Connects You To People In Need

ClientReach is the most efficient way to increase your visibility online and target a large audience that needs your rehab services.

ClientReach’s ad platform gets you in front of 6 million unique monthly visitors that are researching rehabs, making treatment decisions, and reading addiction-related content. Explore the benefits of ClientReach below.

VIP Plan Featured Plan

Start With a Plan That Fits Your Needs


Standard Listings are free with verification and includes basic information about your facility on our directories


A Featured Listing gets you more exposure and generates qualified calls directly to your facility


A VIP Listing provides exclusive ad space and additional enterprise level features

Standard Plan

A standard listing displays your facility’s address and website URL and is listed on our online rehab directories.

Free with Verification

List your facility for free on the largest rehab directories on the web

Add Photos and Highlights

Add 2 photos and 3 highlights to your profile

Manage Your Reviews

Collect and respond to reviews on your profile and manage your reputation

VIP Plan

VIP is our most comprehensive and effective advertising package. This includes premium sponsored ad placements that exclusively promote your rehab with fewer competitors in rotating into your ad slot - which means higher traffic and call volume. VIP ads are also larger and more engaging which boosts your rehab’s brand exposure throughout our sites.

Less Competition

Premium ads promote your rehab with fewer competitors rotating into your ad space.

Track Your Performance

Track your ad performance (clicks, calls, amount spent), so you can see exactly how your marketing dollars are working.

Market Insights (Paid Option)

Gain valuable insights about your facility and competitors that can help grow your facility and stay ahead of your competition

Increased Traffic

Premium ads are more engaging and offer higher clickthrough rates and call volume lifts when compared to Featured ads.

Regional Targeting

Reach your desired audience in different regions of the US (Midwest, Rockies, West, New England, Texas, Southeast)

No Long Term Commitments

We offer 30 day premium ad promotions. There are no long term commitments.