A team of Client
Success Managers are
here to help

We’ll help set up your new ClientReach profile and provide guidance and insights for improving your profile and call handling - for free.

What does a Client Success Manager do for me?

It's our job to ensure you're set up for success. We’ll look through the analytics behind your ClientReach campaign to offer you insight into how you can constantly improve your performance... from listing management to call handling to keeping that 5 star rating on your listing.

Monitor reviews & help manage your reputation

They will keep a close eye on the reviews you receive, and provide tips on how to respond to these reviews.

Teach you the best ways to handle your calls

They will teach you how to overcome objections you might be facing from callers.

Provide a smooth ClientReach experience

They are your go-to person for all things ClientReach, from listing management to billing inquiries.

Bobby Funk Treehouse Recovery

It is very important to me that we maintain rehabs.com (ClientReach) as a call resource. They have an incredible team that has been on point with helping us optimize our profile to maximize call volume, and improve our call handling approach. I truly feel like our Client Success Manager at rehabs.com (ClientReach) is an advocate for our success and has always been proactive in helping us get results. We have admitted 3 clients from rehabs.com (ClientReach) calls, and they are all thriving in recovery."

Your Client Success Managers

We’re here to help guide you through the ClientReach platform - providing advice and assistance in creating high quality, engaging, and high converting listings across the entire Recovery Brands network.

Success Manager Olivia Boyer Olivia Boyer

“I know our listings like the back of my hand! I fully understand the essential components that will make your Rehabs.com profile robust and attractive to potential clients.”

Success Manager Kevin Marrie Kevin Marrie

“I have a high level of expertise when it comes to call handling and best practices. Please don’t hesitate to pick my brain! I’d love to share my insight and knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your campaign.”