Just Believe Recovery
Case Study

Just Believe


Addiction Treatment Facility

  • Locations in Florida and Pennsylvania
  • 113 beds
  • 12-steps based

Areas of specialization

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Hollistic Therapy
  • Creative Arts Therapy
  • Drama/Music Therapy

Treatment Prices

  • $667/day
  • $20,000/month
  • $50,000/90-day


  • CARF
  • ADP
Accepts private insurance Offers financial assistance up to 100% coverage

Experience Benefits

ClientReach Sample Listings Pennsylvania
ClientReach star ratings
$20,000 marketing budget 6 admissions within the first month of using ClientReach
ClientReach Sample Listings Florida
ClientReach star ratings
$6,000 - $7,800 towards ClientReach 10 admissions the following month

A large contributor to the number of admissions and consequently very low Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), are the calls and subsequent leads generated through the ClientReach platform. These calls and leads work in tandem with the informative profiles and promotional placements across Recovery Brands’ sites.

Just Believe assessed the quality of their calls and leads that came through ClientReach to be above average and of a much longer call duration (typically 5 minutes or longer) than other marketing efforts.

The callers that their facility received through ClientReach were more informed about the facility and thus more qualified, resulting in higher approval and conversion rates. The promotion of Just Believe Recovery’s comprehensive profile at the exact moment when individuals are seeking treatment for either themselves or a loved one is what contributes so effectively to the qualified calls they have been receiving and continue to receive.

high quality

Understandably, Just Believe’s great success using ClientReach has left them very satisfied. However, their admissions were not the sole contributor to their satisfaction; the usability of the platform as well as the ClientReach team’s customer service contributed to their overall sentiments.

They felt that ClientReach was easy to use and that the team was very helpful during the onboarding process and responsive whenever they had any questions or concerns.


The purpose and goal of ClientReach is to provide consumers with the most credible and comprehensive information about an addiction treatment facility at the very moment they are looking for treatment. By doing this, ClientReach is informing consumers about all aspects of a treatment center before they pick up the phone to call. This provides treatment facilities with calls and leads that are more qualified and knowledgeable.

$1,687 average cost per acquisition with ClientReach
$5,000 average cost per acquisition with other traditional marketing efforts
$53,008 potential overall savings* based upon the 16 admissions Just Believe received in their two months of using ClientReach

Although Just Believe may have a much larger marketing budget than other smaller treatment facilities, what must be kept in mind is that only 30-39% of their budget was put towards ClientReach. Therefore, by investing less than 40% of their marketing budget into ClientReach, they saw a potential 66% savings on each of their 16 admits. Therefore, regardless of the amount of money that a treatment facility is able to invest in ClientReach, the percentage of CPA that may decrease in one admission will be money saving regardless.

Overall, ClientReach not only helps treatment providers effectively and efficiently acquire new clients, as can be showcased through Just Believe’s experience, but it also helps individuals in need of help find the treatment center that best suits their needs.

ClientReach helps both treatment facilities’ monetary bottom-line, saving money, and their mission, to help those struggling with a Substance Use Disorder.